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This section covers deals on Wearable Technology such as watches, in all their variations, whether including HRM or GPS. We have searched for sales and discounts on everything from a basic HRM watch, all the way up to the top Garmin Forerunner products, with route-planning and all sorts of monitoring software included.

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Introduction to wearable technology

Wearable technology is the latest wave in the technological revolution, with a wide variety of devices and gadgets hitting the shelves. There are lots of innovative products on the market, with many more in development. In fact, some would say that it represents the most significant technological innovation since the smartphone. So what exactly is wearable technology? This term doesn’t refer to items such as headphones or watches, but rather it refers to smart devices that you can wear.

There are a huge range of activities supported by this technology, which is one of the reasons why it’s so popular. It can connect to the internet and to your smartphone or other handheld devices; in many ways, it’s just as advanced as these devices because it can perform most of the same computing functions. However, wearable tech offers even greater utility than these devices because it does something they can’t: it can scan and monitor various body functions, including temperature, body fat composition, heart rate, muscle activity and more.

One of the challenges that the manufacturers of these devices face is ensuring that they look appealing, so that you will actively want to wear them. Most people care about how they look and the clothes they wear. If this technology isn't visually appealing, people won’t buy into it, no matter how sophisticated it may be. During the design process, manufacturers therefore take great care to create devices that are both technologically advanced and which can blend seamlessly with your outfit.

Choosing watches and wearables for Triathlon events

The ultimate objective is to provide you with constant access to information and other electronic devices, enabling you to view real-time information and keep up with everything that’s occurring while you’re out and about. In addition, it can be used to monitor your body, helping you to assess your own fitness levels and keep track of your overall health.

You’ll find many different types of wearable technology now available. Some of the more popular examples include contact lenses, glasses, watches, virtual reality headsets, clothing and jewellery. There are even smart clothing products, which are simply specially tailored pieces of clothing with electronic devices incorporated into them.

There are numerous companies manufacturing wearable technology, ensuring that you have a great deal of choice. It’s worth bearing in mind that different devices come with different features. For example, most sports watches offer a range of useful functions to help you to further your training, while smart jewellery focuses on keeping you connected by alerting you whenever you receive a phone call, text, email or social media notification.

When it comes to deciding what sort of wearable technology to buy, it’s important to consider precisely what it is that you really want from this technology. If you use your phone extensively and are constantly sending and receiving calls, texts and emails, a smartwatch could come in handy when you’re out and about. On the other hand, if you’re a gamer, you might want to explore the current crop of virtual reality headsets.

Wearable technology is evolving at quite a pace. It’s exciting and innovative and is changing the way in which we use technology. It has considerable untapped potential and is sure to continue growing in popularity and importance in the coming years.