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Speedo Racewear - Tops, Shorts, Suits

There aren't many better known names in the world of swimming than Speedo and their range generally covers entry to mid-priced triathlon gear. There are shorts, singlets and trisuits, with a good variety of general wetsuits. As might be expected there are plenty of Speedo stockists, so you can usually find an extensive range of price reductions in regular clearance sales. The top ten price reductions give an average discount of 20%, with the best saving for
Speedo Mens Tri Elite Full Wetsuit V2 - Black and Blue with a reduction of £168 at simplyswim.
There is a total of 110 available at reduced prices.
Speedo Triathlon Suits

Triathlon Suits Show offers

Prices have been reduced on 3 Suits in this range. Highlights at the moment are the SPEEDO Ladies Speedo Fit Kickback Legsuit at £34.99 saving £4.01 and the SPEEDO Ladies Monogram Legsuit, selling at £30.49, saving £3.51.
The price range for Speedo Triathlon Suits is from around £30 to £80.

Speedo Wetsuits

Wetsuits Show offers

There is a group of special offers for Wetsuits from Milletsports, typically reducing prices by about 21% over 9 items. You'll also find 3 discounts from a selection of other retailers with an average saving of around 28%.
The price range for Speedo Wetsuits is from around £34 to £312.

Speedo Triathlon Tops and Jerseys

Triathlon Tops and Jerseys Show offers

At the moment we've only found a few discounted products in this category:-

Speedo Comp E16 Tri Singlet Tri Tops price: £30, saving 40% from Wiggle
Speedo Comp E16 Women's Tri Singlet Tri Tops price: £30, saving 40% from Wiggle

Speedo Triathlon Shorts

Triathlon Shorts Show offers

There are 16 items of Tri Clothing discounted, with between 8% and 35% price reductions, including the SPEEDO Endurance+ Speedofit Pinnacle V Men's Aquashort on sale at £20.8 and the SPEEDO Men's Printed Leisure 18" Watershort on sale at £15.6, saving £8.4.
The price range for Speedo Triathlon Shorts is from around £14 to £50.