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Some considerations when buying clothes for running

We are all aware of the benefits of regular exercise. It can makes us fitter, healthier and happier. There are various types of exercise but one of the most enjoyable and accessible activities is running. You don't need a venue and, other than purchasing comfortable footwear and clothes, there is minimal expense.

Choosing clothes for running, however, can be a rather bewildering process given the range of products now available in sportswear shops and online.

The first, and perhaps most important point, is that you are running for your benefit and should choose your running clothes on the same basis: what will be most comfortable for me within my price range? Being happy and relaxed in your new running clothes is likely to enhance your enjoyment and your performance, reduce the risk of injuries and strains and minimise recovery time.

The next consideration relates to the type of running being planned. The needs of the occasional jogger are very different from those of a prospective Marathon runner. The prevailing weather conditions and any physical idiosyncrasies will also need to taken into consideration.

Choosing running clothes

There are a number of general guidelines. Starting with basics, women will need a sports bra. This is a non-negotiable piece of kit and it is vital that this be fitted properly since it is designed to give you comfortable support during exercise and to avoid strains and injury.

If you plan to run in sunny conditions in the summer or the winter, you will need to consider purchasing sunglasses in order to reduce glare and prevent squinting. Equally, you should buy a good quality sunblock to protect your skin from burning and for comfort while running.

The decision regarding running shoes is one of the most critical. There are clear aesthetic and fashion considerations but the key requirement is for adequate support and cushioning and correct fitting. Your running footwear is likely to be the most expensive piece of sporting paraphernalia you will buy and you need to take time to make the right decision.

Shopping for tops will probably involve style and colour issues and you will need to decide on a budget. With this established, some thought will need to be given to the occasions on which you plan to run and the types of tops which will enhance your enjoyment and performance. For example, a man planning light daytime runs in mild weather conditions may be best advised to buy loose fitting singlets or tank tops for maximum comfort. A woman planning long runs in cooler conditions may need long sleeved vests made from a high tech fabric that will wick moisture away from the skin and prevent clamminess on cold days. You may need a range of tops.

The same sort of debate will attend the choice of legwear. A man facing race conditions will want to consider shorts while a woman planning a moderate run on a mild day may prefer Capri tights, which are calf length and ideal for conditions which are "betwixt and between." Again, you may need a variety to accommodate different needs.

The main point can't be emphasised enough: you need to be comfortable in your purchases!